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Twin Factor is more then just another TV show...it's a behind the scene look into the lives and minds of twins James and Chad Hampton! In this Outdoor Reality mini-series you will experience the highs and lows of creating a successful hunting series all while raising a family, working a full time job, building a successful brand and running a ministry. Each week will take you on a new adventure with the twins!

Whether it's watching a new original episode of Twin Factor TV, sharing in the excitement of the first harvest for a youth hunter on the new "Be The Factor" hunting series, or learning life lessons on our "Hunt More" short film web series, there is always quality outdoor programming to watch on our Twin Factor TV family of programs brought to you by Twins Media!

Chad and James Hampton:

A Passion for God and hunting: These two passions have shaped the lives of Pastors Chad and James Hampton. Teaching men and women principles from their nationally recognized book “Secrets of the Hunt” on how to ‘hunt’ for God like they hunt for animals is at the center of “Huntin the Truth Ministries” that was established in 2005. Chad and James travel across the United States and speak at seminars, wild game dinners, hunting camps, prayer breakfasts, youth events, and men’s ministry and outdoor events, along with preaching in churches. Being identical twins, Chad and James use a unique tag-team approach with a practical, engaging, and humorous presentation style that ministers to hunters and non-hunters alike and teaches the principles they have learned while hunting God and His plan for their lives, and the animals that they harvest.

Pointing out that the meaning of the word hunt is ‘to pursue after’ Pastor Chad says that “we are all hunters.” He adds, “Everyone is hunting for something in life, we want people to see that hunting God is the only hunt that will give their lives eternal meaning and lasting fulfillment.”

“We use hunting and the outdoors as a vehicle to spread the Gospel” says Pastor James. “We love to see hunters use the knowledge they already have of hunting animals and apply it to the most important hunt: Their hunt for God and His plan for their lives.”

Their book “Secrets of the Hunt” is being used in several states as a curriculum for other ministries and small group Bible studies.

Outside of being sought after authors and speakers, Chad and James are involved in leading several other ministries. James is founder of Huntin The Truth Ministries. Huntin The Truth focuses on ministering locally to physically challenged men and women and youth who do not have father figures in their lives. He is also the director of chapter development and is focusing on starting chapters of Huntin the Truth in local churches across the country. He also writes for the Southern Christian Sportsman’s Devotional and Pure Hunting Magazine and has several more writing projects planned for the future.

Chad is founder of Your Future Is Now Ministries, which Huntin the Truth is an outreach of. He has also established other outreaches that include an outreach called ‘Taking Back Our Land” teaching pastors and ministry leaders how to equip and train disciples to take back our land that God has promised us. Chad also authored “A Chase After The Wind” in 2005 and has several other writing projects he is currently finishing.

In addition to leading these ministries James and Chad have recently entered the world of television and entertainment as owners and co-hosts of the new hunting reality TV show “Twin Factor” that debuted in 2015. They are excited to use this new platform of influence to share the love of Jesus Christ with more people and teach them how to hunt God’s plan for their lives along with hunting animals.

This action packed series is sure to leave you coming back for more week after week. Keep up to date on the latest news, events, tour dates, newest episodes and new Twin Factor gear here at TwinFactorTV.com. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!